Company Profile

Nirtex was established in 1958 as a textile manufacturer and exporting facility in Mumbai, India. During our 58 years of existence we have established ourselves as a forerunner in the business of textile manufacturing and export. Although we are a family owned entity, key managements positions are held by professionals that possess both, relevant expertise and substantial industry experience.

We deploy the latest technology in our manufacturing facilities, and our production and quality teams ensure that our products adhere to the highest quality standards, internationally. Our design department understands the varying design sensibilities of our consumers and can design for different customer segments and needs. Our sales department ensures that we are extremely responsive to customer queries, orders and just a phone call or email away. Together, our teams are committed to the goal of customer satisfaction and we aim to achieve this by providing quality products at competitive prices. Our business ethos dictates that we treat customers as partners, and we strive to not just meet but surpass their expectations. This philosophy has enabled us to cultivate longstanding relationships with our customers.


Our product line includes Bed Linen, Bath Linen, Kitchen Linen, Table Linen and Fabrics-all made of the finest Cotton, Polyester, CVC, Poly-Cotton and other blends.


Our facilities include a Design Lab, Bleaching and Dyeing, Digital Printing, Rotary and Panel Printing, Finishing, Stitching and Packing.

The bleaching and dyeing facility can work with a variety of fabrics such as Satin, Flannel, Jacquard, percale, duck, drill, etc., as well as different thread counts and various blends.

The printing facility is equipped with Stork Pegasus printing machines which can print up to 16 colors in repeats like 64cm, 81.9 cm, 91.4 cm, 101.7 cm & 109.4 cm up to a width of 320 cm. We also have Stork's Best Len Lazer Engraving & CST UV Engraving for developing screens with a precision of up to one pixel. Our printing processes include reactive, pigment, disperse, discharge (pigment & vat) and burn outs.

The facilities are equipped with Montfort Stenter along with E+L & Bianco Weft Straighteners that deliver bow-free fabrics. The stenter's are also equipped with Kusters Padding mangle for even squeezing.

The facilities are also equipped with Peaching, Raising, Mercerizing, Sanforising & Singing Machines. We also offer variety of finishes like Wrinkle free fire retardant, Water Resistance, Easy Care, Stain Proof, Aroma and Antimicrobial Finish up to 320cm finished width.

We also have a state of the art stitching and packing facility with Japanese Juki machines including UBT machines with auto trimmer and lock stitch buttoning machines with auto feeder to meet the requirements for higher-end products.

Along with the more common / traditional printing techniques, we also possess a digital printing machine which can provide quick samples and service to customers.

Our design lab is equipped with Stork's image design software, latest plotter and scanner units and peripheral devices.

Not only are our facilities state of the art, they also confirm to the highest standards of labor rights and welfare, Thereby ensuring that we are socially compliant.

These factors, along with our business practices have earned us the honor of being approved by reputed brands like Disney.